Flavour Menu

SPOILT FOR CHOICE… We have a selection of 12 truely delectable flavours: 

Lemon and Raspberry

Lemon syrup cake, Sweet Talk's signature Raspberry meringue buttercream, tangy lemon curd and freeze dried raspberry crumble.

Chocolate and Raspberry (naturally vegan)

Moist Chocolate cake base, layered between chocolate ganache and our zingy raspberry filling to ensure you get a delicious bite with every mouthful.

Peach, Passionfruit and Toasted Coconut (naturally vegan)

Fluffy vanilla and coconut cake base, layered between vegan meringue filling and delicious peach and passionfruit syrup. Its like a pina colada in cake form.


A deliciously moist carrot, pineapple and roasted walnut cake iced with a classic cream cheese icing and garnished with a spiced caramel sauce, freeze dried cherries and toffee walnuts. Devine!

White Chocolate and Strawberry

Decadent vanilla bean cake with Sweet Talk's signature Strawberry meringue buttercream, white chocolate ganache swirl, crisp pearls and garnished with strawberry coulis and freeze dried strawberry. Delish!


Our deliciously rich couverture chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, graham cracker cookie crumb and Sweet Talk's signature fluffy vanilla bean marshmallow torched and toasted to perfection. Love each bite s'more than the last 😜

Cherry, Plum and Coconut

A luscious toasted coconut cake, Sweet Talk's signature cream cheese icing & a cherry plum filling. Garnished with toasted coconut and freeze dried plum slices. Heaven!

Vanilla & Blackberry

A deliciously moist vanilla cake with blackberries, Sweet Talk's  signature vanilla meringue buttercream & tantalizing blackberry filling.  Garnished with white chocolate shavings and freeze dried blackberry crumbs. Divine!

Chocolate & Dulce De Leche

Our deliciously rich couverture chocolate cake with Sweet Talk's luscious dulce de leche meringue Buttercream, dulce de leche filling and freeze dried lychee. 

Triple Chocolate

Our deliciously rich couverture chocolate cake with Sweet Talk's signature Chocolate mousse Meringue Buttercream, chocolate ganache swirl and chocolate shavings. 

Red Velvet

Buttermilk Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing garnished with freeze dried cherries and white chocolate curls.

Salted Caramel & Espresso

Our decadent vanilla bean cake with coffee infused meringue buttercream, Sweet Talk's salted caramel sauce and garnished with honey roasted pecans & coffee beans. 


Allow us to introduce to you our secret weapon; Our very own Meringue based buttercream.

Made using cooked whipped egg white, sugar syrup and high quality butter, you'll find our coatings and fillings unlike any buttercream you've tasted before. Our secret recipes have taken years to perfect and are the reason we have SO many of our wonderful customers coming back for more!

This wonderful alternative to regular icing sugar is light on the palette and airy to the touch making our not-too-sweet cakes all the more more-ish!
So sit back and enjoy our menu crafted over years of customer feedback. Whether you’re a chocoholic or fruit flavours, we can guarantee a combination that will tantalize your taste-buds.